"So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind, while just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs".

Every man is a divinity in disguise. Kindness is one powerful product of spiritual practices. It provides a safe resort to which one can turn in a moment of distress. A benevolent person has a focused shining quality of a finely cut gem which requires no embellishment of ornate setting. Generosity stirs the higher holy impulses of the soul, to initiate pious living. The achievements of the educational trust calls for no other introduction than itself, with its tender counsel and ringing appeal, it will find its way by the force of its 'Donors'.

Most often conflict, fear and aggression are born out of the desire to judge.

It is better to lighten the burden of judgement because a man who does not want his shadow must stand in the dark.

Hence this appeal :

Establishment of the State-of-the-art infrastructure for mobilising and administering project resources and to develop technical skills for ascertaining competitive soundness among the inmates of the institution to be housed in the new purpose - built building to be constructed in Mysore and Melukote.


In this direction, the trust fervently places an appeal to the like-minded disciples of the Mutt, general public, Well - wishers & NRIS' to liberally donate for full-filling the expansion, vision, enhancing  the skill and to power the dreams to be realised under the benevolent guidance of the present pontiff of Sri Parakala Mutt in order to provide breadth of mind, tolerance of outlook, value of friendship, and fellow- feeling, transcending the constraints of caste, religion, gender among the younger generation through education which is acceptably the need of the hour.

 After all the basic philosophy of life is to aim at the unity of Mankind.

Your generous contributions can be made through Cash / DD / Cheque to in the name of "Managing Trustee, Sri Brahmatantra Swatantsa Prakala Swamy Educational and Charitable Trust" Mysore. Letters may be addressed to Parakala Swamy Muth, Krishna Vilasa Road, Near Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore - 570024.